The proper European way to spell the name derived from Antonia, meaning "praiseworthy".
Tonja is the most fabulous, intelligent, amazing, best friend I have
by Indigogolf February 02, 2010
Top Definition
Strong, passionate, loves unconditionally, tenacious, focused, mysterious, spiritual, 'in tune' with 'energies', willing and full of life.
Tonja is a strong, passionate, mysterious and one that others are drawn to when searching for personal or life direction.
by Tonja the Young & Wise February 03, 2010
tonja is a OLD person who LOVE's evan white. it have red hair usually and freckles. but most important.. she's OLD
a granny in a retirement home w/ white and orange hair ,, also looks like a pumpkin
by blahblah March 19, 2005
a old person who is extremly old.
a person who LOVE's evan with all their heart. they usually have red hair and looks like halloween when they wear black! not that thats a bad thing! but its only usually! and they are also OLD . like realllyy old.
im old and i love evan white, ANDD im tonja!
by yo mama March 19, 2005
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