Known as a singer to such popular tunes as "funky cold medina" and "the wild thing". Contrary to popular belief, ton(e) loc refers to a crazed muscular being specializing in drumming and bonging liquids. Approach with extreme caution.
After chugging two gallons of chocolate milk, that fellow was considered a real ton loc.
by KB :) June 23, 2003
Top Definition
Another way of saying "Let's Do It."

In reference to Tone Loc's 1988 single "Wild Thing" -

"Let's do it

Workin' all week 9 to 5 for my money
So when the weekend comes I go get live with the honey
Rollin' down the street I saw this girl and she was pumpin'
I winked my eye she got into the ride went to a club was jumpin'
Introduce myself as Loc she said "You're a liar"
I said "I got it goin' on baby doll and I'm on fire"
Took her to the hotel she said "You're the king"
I said "Be my queen if you know what I mean and let us do the wild thing"
Chad: You ready to go the football game?
Marcus: Tone Loc!
by RandyD November 02, 2007
Really Badly rolled Blunt
Fuck! I just rolled a Tone loc!
by T Bags January 23, 2005
a really badly rolled blunt. For example, if you try to hit the blunt and all of the weed shits in your mouth then you know you have a tone loc.
"fuck i just rolled a tone loc!," which end should i light???
by t bags March 15, 2005
although originaly this is the name of a rapper from the 80's it is now a term exclamated when you overhear someone get "burrned" or insulted.
"hey, you stole my wrist watch!"
"i already have a wrist watch"
"well i saw you lookin at it"
"jo mamma you did!"
(bystander) "OHHH TONE LOC"
by Ken January 23, 2005

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