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weed shits generally happen after a long night of blazing and trying to stem the tide of munchies. As we all know the best food to deal with said munchies is junk food which is barely digestible. Therefore the next morning about 90% of the food that was consumed is forced out the opposite end that it went in.
Oh man i just had the worst case of the weed shits in my life
by ajax2220 October 31, 2009
when one smokes weed all night, then the next morning ur shit smells like straight dank ass weed... you gotta spray some spray so ur parents dont think uve been smokin in the bathroom...
After taking a shit, my cousin says to me "Damn cousin, how much were u smokin last night, it smells like straight dank in there," to which I replied "Yeah, cousin, I smoked a shit load, and now i got the weed shits."
by Joelness August 24, 2008
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