a viet guy who is admired by fobs
tone will squat on a seat, while the fobs in front of him drool over his crotch
by reza_asian_chick August 05, 2003
Manhunk, known as the king of Jasmines Kingdom. AKA Pimp
by Anonymous April 08, 2003
Creepy pedophile.
I think our new neighbour is a real Tone.
by Gojirott July 30, 2003
A wanker.
My friend is a real Tone
by MSM2 July 31, 2003
The king of the Latin Kings
If I dont kill him, Tone says it will be off with my head!
by Sexi April 15, 2004
What a fag,

Tone = gay
look there's Tone, he's gay
by Bob April 13, 2005

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