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the name given to a girl who is considered smart, strong, sassy and creative and in their view one of the most
beautifullesT woman/young girl they have ever seen!
Also well mannered and hygienic. Can be very funny, weird but has a very serious side, is hard but warm hearted.
i swear, you are such a Tomiwa. Probably why I like you so much!
by mcozzyizme4evs December 13, 2010
The Blackest of the Black. Probably the coolest name in the word, Sick at everything, legends say he is the God at using computers and getting the ladies even he a caring cool person, He is the God of computers. The ultimate life form

in other words he is called the Pussy Destroyer and the Owner of illuminati
Girl: i don't mind giving myself to Tomiwa he's so cool
Boy: Tomiwa just fixed my computer OMG
by DarkMaster60 October 23, 2014
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