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A man or male identified individual that does not conform to heterosexual/heterosexist masculine behaviors. This person may or may not behave or dress in a way that others label as feminine, although the tomgirl may not use those labels or agree with them. A tomgirl is not ashamed of femininity and takes pride in who they are. Often times more sensitive, compassionate, and emotionally secure than other types of men.
Tomgirls make excellent best friends, they don't do the usual annoying things that masculine men like to do.
by BluBoi1976 August 01, 2011
The opposite of a tomboy.
A boy who likes to do stuff that are ''feminine'' Instead of playing sports and getting dirty, he likes to go shopping at the mall and try on clothes that can be girly. He always wears the latest fashion trends and sometimes care what other people think of him. He also cares about his physical appearance and his hair. Tomgirls hang out with mostly girls and lack physical strength. They aren't necessarily gay.
''Sam is such a tomgirl!''
''I know I saw him at the mall today with my girl friends''
''Does he play any sports?''
''Noooooo. He's a tomgirl. DUH.''
by sashiee13 July 02, 2013
Tom Girls have strength with style. They like to do things that boys like to do yet look like girls. They are most comfortable kicking ass as in a pretty dress.
Wow, that Tom Girl did a huge 360 while wearing a pink miniskirt.
by tomgirlchronicles September 16, 2010
A guy who is sissy or who behaves like a girl.
Jhon:I love to watch powerpuff girls.
Jack:You are becoming pretty tomgirl Jhon.
by teendanger May 24, 2009
1. A male not necessarily feminine or gay which posseses feminine qualities, akin to the male lesbian, usually has no or little interest in typical sports such as baseball or football or dramatically acts as if he does to fit in. Tom girls many times have trouble with normal romantic relationships with women and normally end up with very masculine women with crazy bitches, on reality tv or skydiving off a high rise building or whatever.
2. male feminist
3. faux homosexual
"tim called me earlier, said he wants to hang out with us at wherever tonight"

"no way I'm not hanging out with tim at wherever that dude is such a fucking tom girl!"
by sherman3point0 September 07, 2009
A girl who is feminine that also enjoys some male hobbies like sports but likes to shop and do some girly thingz also.
She plays sports and loves to go shopping, oh yeah she's a straight up tom girl.
by Kandy26Kane August 08, 2006
A girl with the perfect mix of sporty and sexy. A tomgirl lkes to get dirty, but then cleans up nicely.
McKenna played a great game today and she looks beautiful in that dress tonight, she is such a tomgirl.
by TOMgirl Apparel June 09, 2012

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