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An adventure game developed by Core in 1996 for the PSone, which spawned the worlds biggest cyber star: Lara Croft. The series has spawned several sequels and 2 major feature films. It has now shifted to the PS2, and after the game engine has been considered 'old', Crystal Dynamics are now developing the next title, due out in 2005. Worldwide, the series as shifted a huge 14,000,000 units worldwide.
Tomb Raider has sold 14,000,000 units worldwide.

Angelina Jolie has starred in 2 Tomb Raider movies

Lara Croft has become the worlds greatest cyber star
by Antony June 08, 2004
I PS1 game starring the heroine Lara Croft. The games follow her adventures around the globe meeting people and exploring places far, far away. She seeks artifacts and ancient civilizations. The games inspired 2 movies on the big screen.
Hey, do you like adventure games? You mean like Tomb Raider? Yeah! I like that game.
by -_-_-_--_-_-_- May 10, 2007
A young person who dates/marries an old person
catherine zeta jones is a tomb raider
by Andrew November 11, 2003
A game dedicated to TRUE perverts.
Playing Tomb Raider shows the most noble way of peeking female body.
by Peevee May 11, 2006
Before having sexual intercourse you dip your penis into a fully filled ashtray (please make sure cigarettes are not burning or stuck on your penis). When you penetrate the lady a puff of ash will appear. It is like entering an old dusty tomb.
"I totally raided that girl's tomb"
"DUDE! I just gave your mom the old Tomb Raider"
by Escargotman November 29, 2013
A young man whom has sex with an older woman. Male equivalent of a gold digger.
Ashton Kutcher is a real tomb raider.
by Mike Sackss February 04, 2008
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