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A very significant character in the Harry Potter series. Tom Marvolo Riddle was an orphaned half-blood before he became Lord Voldemort, the mortal enemy of Harry Potter. Tom Riddle was born to a muggle, Tom Riddle sr. and a pureblood witch, Merope Gaunt, one of the last-surviving descendants of Salazar Slytherin. Merope had Tom in an orphanage before she died. There, Tom was said to be a "funny baby," very quiet, never cried. he scared the other children but none of the adults seemed to be able to catch Tom and none of the children would talk about the things he did when no adults were around.
Tom Riddle, supposedly, is "incapable of love," has no real friends and uses those around him as stepping stones to get what he wants. He has a crooked sense of right and wrong, cannot stand to have things taken away from him and collects little trophies from his victems. Once in Hogwarts, Tom usually got his little gang of friends to do his dirty work. Being a full-blown sociopath from the tender age of 11, Tom Riddle had no qualms with committing murder to make himself more and more powerful through various methods of the darkest of dark magic. No other wizard in history achieved what Tom Riddle achieved though the darkest of means and maked him nearly impossable to kill.
Despite all of his nastiness, few people knew about Tom Riddle's true, cold, obsessive nature at Hogwarts, being a prefect, head boy and a very well-liked student. Tall for his age, with jet black hair, a pale, strikingly handsome face and a quiet manner, Tom was very well liked at felt sorry for by Hogwarts teachers and other students; the only teacher that kept an "annoyingly close watch" on Tom, was the then Transfiguration teacher, Albus Dumbledore, the only one Voldemort ever feared.
Tom Riddle is that hot guy you thought you knew, but he ends up being the one who killed your best friend and a bunch of other people, simply because he's a sociopath that has no real value on human life.
by Peaseblossom85 July 16, 2006
tom riddle,former self of lord voldemort who has a group of close allies ,friends from hogwarts, who do all off his dark work and are known as the deatheaters.heir to salazar slytherin.determined to kill harry potterafter he defeated him.can speak parselmouth.applied to be dark arts teacher at hogwarts but turned down,swore revenge by cursing the lesson so no teacher last longer then a year



tom riddle was good looking in his younger days unlike today!
by crowie July 21, 2006
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