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All the advertising Digitech needs to sell its Whammy Pedal product.
Kid: "wheres the pedal that makes my guitar sound like Tom Morello in the like a stone solo?"
Guitar Center Man: "Right here buddy. That'll be 200 bucks."
by jocob January 16, 2007
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Former lead guitarist of Rage Against the Machine. He is now the lead guitarist of Audioslave, along with other former Rage members Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford.
Dave: Dude were you at the Audioslave concert last night?!

Mitch: Of course I was! Tom Morello's solo in Doesn't Remind Me was awesome!
by Cruze September 27, 2005
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God of guitar
Ratm (1991-2000,2007-Present)
by vwellz June 16, 2008
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Quite possibly the greatest mainstream guitarist. He uses different effects and distortion to make his sound the most unique he can. The man is way too talented to be playing rhythm behind Chris Cornell.
Tom Morello is well-endowed.
by Angerisagift December 21, 2006
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The best fucking guitarist to ever walk the plannet. He owns the fuck out of that little gumby kid ben hodson.Former member of Rage Against The Machine, now in Audioslave.
"look at Tom Morello doing one of his kick ass solos" "haha, tom morello is good but he looks so gumby with his hat, and the way he stamps his foot"
by Brody Marris May 21, 2005
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