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Former lead guitarist of Rage Against the Machine. He is now the lead guitarist of Audioslave, along with other former Rage members Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford.
Dave: Dude were you at the Audioslave concert last night?!

Mitch: Of course I was! Tom Morello's solo in Doesn't Remind Me was awesome!
by Cruze September 27, 2005
The way idiots in chat rooms/forums trying to be cool spell “come.”
Tina2005: im suposed 2 b going out wid this guy tonite but im afraid he wont cum

Steve13X: …
by Cruze August 17, 2005
Australian slang for a male. However, more specifically refers to the stereotypical view of a typical Australian man. The average bloke has a beer gut, a thick, bushy, stubble beard and very short hair, as to not have his masculinity questioned. He is homophobic, lazy, overweight, crude and finds nothing more humorous than toilet humour. He spends most of his time watching cricket or football or going on fishing trips with his mates. He will make sure any male children he has are playing sport at a very young age and teach them that feelings are only for women and ‘faggots.’ Any female children he has will get much less attention then their brother/s. He will also show little to no affection for his wife beyond a sexual manner, in case this is interpreted as being ‘gay.’ He is usually, but not always, some form of tradesmen such as a plumber or builder.
Sally: Henry used to be so sweet. Now he just sits on the couch drinking beer and watching sport all day.

Julie: Mark is exactly the same. I’ll never understand blokes.


Chuck: Jay, I can’t believe Stacy dumped you for Max. All he does is get drunk and talk about football.

Jay: I know! I was dumped for a bloke!
by Cruze January 19, 2006

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