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The ubiquitous word thrown upon an unsuspecting person when A. "Getting them" B. To distract them or C. To cut them off. Formal usage would be after muffing someone, on a person's golf backswing, or faking the final buzzer in any competitive situation. To use "Zandt", the sayer must have balls the size of honeydew melons.
Knock knock, whose there, ZAAAAAAAAAANDT!!!

(While watching Tiger Woods at any PGA Tour Event, preferably the Masters or Accenture Matchplay Championship) ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDT!!!!!

Francis: Dude, you're a cock sucker.
Jimbo: Yeah, I just fucked your mom....ZANDT!!

(In a whisper, after "accidentally" giving a rando chick a facial) zandt.
by Frankie P April 25, 2007
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