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A verb used to describe a situation when a homosexual male, who also happens to be "in the closet", begins going out with a girl in order to attempt to prove that he is not a homosexual. Usually, when a man is Tom Cruising, everyone already knows that he's gay, except for him.

The origin of the term comes from Tom Cruise, who was criticized about his sexuality and soon afterward married Katie Holmes. Many people still believed he was homosexual though, and the phrase was born.
Justin Bieber is Tom Cruising.
#tom #cruise #gay #person #girl
by Zamxus March 01, 2011
When one is driving their car and a great song come on and you sing it at the top of your lungs horribly. Like Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire when Tom Petty's 'Free Falling' comes on.
I hate it when I'm stuck in traffic with some chick the next car over Tom Cruising it to Fergie.
#tom #cruise #drive #sing #yell
by wooism August 22, 2009
A behavioral act of performing something a person may call chancy or jeopardous. Thus could be reffered to as "Risky Business", a 1983 hit movie starring Tom Cruise.
Bryan: Hey Alex i just bought this iPod from that Jesse kid for only 100 bucks!
Alex: I dont know about that Bryan, that Jesse kid has been known to do Risky Business...
Mikey: Yea Bryan if you keep that iPod you would be Tom Cruising to the max!
#manny decosta #scozin #shandor the brave #vonda #paige goldner
by DJ Oboy August 14, 2011
When someone runs in well dressed clothes in public.
Person in car:"That guy is Tom Cruising down the road!"
Other person:" What a weirdo!"
#tom cruise #asshole #weird #retard #stupid
by Titanic Anal August 16, 2014
A term for getting a girl into bed using the name of the 80's Tom Cruise film All the right moves.
That girl over there is really stunning. It will take some serious Tom Cruising to get her into bed
#pulling #flirting #shagging #bedding #dating
by Dave Alsop October 30, 2007
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