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Tolo is a dance, usually at high schools, in which girls ask boys to go as their date. ALthough times are changing, as well as traditions, boys customarily are the ones who do the asking, but for Tolo, the roles are reversed. Somewhat similar, I believe, to the concept of a Sadie Hawkins dance.
Did you hear Lucy asked John to Tolo? She was really nervous about being rejected, but he said yes. Now she knows how the guys normally feel.
by Emmalizzie March 23, 2006
Tits out, legs open. Like Yolo but boys often use it when talking to girls.
Person 1: Should we go to that party tonight?

Person 2: Yeah man, Yolo

Person 3: There will be heaps of sexy girls there, TOLO!!!
by lozzy_gurll June 26, 2012

Boyfriend- "Hey babe, TOLO"

Girlfriend- (tolo in front of crowd)
by jslovver<3 June 22, 2012
a guy who stares at people who looks like thomas edison and is creepy
That Tolos over there kept fucking staring at me!
by CharlieMcDavid March 10, 2011
Titties Out Legs Open
Last night was a Tolo! Tolo!
by TitanWeb May 20, 2012
Tits Out Legs Open, often used by studs. Girls absolutely fall for Tolo, and there is a new song by Drake Called TOLO, in which he say YOLO was a problem but TOLO is the solution to it. IT is also Often used by Pussay Patroller.
Guys look Pepo the dog is toloing me.
you know a girl wants you when she TOLO's you
FUck YOLO We follow TOLO
by Saynomore Getonthefloor June 03, 2013
Tools only live once
Drunk Tool: YOLO

Everyone else: TOLO
by henlbac June 03, 2012