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a beautiful smart funny girl, sometimes shy a little but once you get to know her she becomes loud and energetic. Her friend consider her as a really cool person thats really funny.
girl: seni is so beautiful and funny, but sometimes she can be really quite
by maddly in love January 02, 2014
A way of either misspelling or mispronouncing the word penis which is a male reproductive organ, for those of you who are dumbasses and do not know a penis when you see one.
Dude 1: Hey man! I was having sex with a whore last night and my senis--
Dude 2: Haha dumbass. You said senis instead of penis! Haha! What were you saying? Did your penis finally grow longer than three inches?
Dude 1: Yup. How'd you guess?
by All My Gods Have Failed Me... March 17, 2008
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