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To hate something but tolerate it in your daily life.
Family reunions were always tough for John as he had to tolerhate most of his in-laws.
by TCGen July 15, 2009
Something you tolerate, but really don't like
"Man, your girlfriend is always taking a shit on your floor when she's drunk"

-"I know, I tolerhate it because she does the weird butt stuff I like"

"Jesus, I can smell your mom's yeast infection every time she comes in the room"

-"I know, I tolerhate it because there's no way I'm bringing that up"

"Godamnit, there are way too many hipsters in this club"

-"I'm gonna tolerhate it while I'm getting this blowjob near the bathroom. Could you stop talking while it's happening actually, it's weirding me out"
by andysanchez32 December 31, 2011
What frienemies to do to each other.
Oh Melissa, I totally tolerhate you, mostly because you get me into clubs for free.
by Curtis Meyer October 23, 2009
To have to put up and shut up with a person, situation, co-worker etc. when you really want to shut them down, wipe out their family and anyone else who is in agreement and against yours when you know you're right.
I tolerhate my job and boss, but I must pay the bills and remain employed in order to raise my family.
by john2 January 25, 2008

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