the act of adding sand to lubricant for sex.
I put some sand in the KY jelly last night, totally gave her a tokyo sandblaster.
by sokorb November 11, 2010
When Conan farts inside a styrofoam cup, and pours milk in it. This, as many of you know, creates a rotten egg like smell AND taste. Then, he proceeds to offer this refreshment to Andy, thus resulting in a TOKYO SANDBLASTER!!
Conan Farts in cup. Pours in milk. Andy drinks. Mmmmm. Now that's one tasty Tokyo Sandblaster!
by Poway Derek November 11, 2010
Proper noun: After drying one's penis to the point of near rash, mount from behind and thrust sexually. Upon climax scream "It's Godzilla!" Over and over
Conan: Dude, I gave this girl a Tokyo sandblaster last night!
Jeffrey: Well did you even have the decency to take her out for an egg roll after?
by The Forgotten Hobbit November 10, 2010
When you crap into your hand and blow it into your partners face. The stench and the crap will cause your partner to squint. Thus causing the Japanese effect.
Conan got really turned on because of all the crap dripping from his mouth. Jill had given him a Tokyo Sandblaster.
by D-Gro! November 10, 2010
Its a three step process

1) First, you must be having sex with your partner on the beach.

2) Second, You must blow your load on (his/her) face

3) finally, Grab a handful of sand it throw it in your partner's face so that it sticks
I want to go down to the Jersey Shore and give my friend Drew Wasserbach a "Tokyo Sandblaster"
by Numbahhh 1 November 10, 2010
When having sex with a female from behind, as the male is about to ejaculate, he has the female turn around and then yells "GODZIRRAAA!!!" and throws sand in the female's face.
Bryan: "Did you hear that?"

Rusty: "No."

Bryan: "It sounded like Tom totally just gave Jess the Tokyo Sandblaster!"
by Martin Landau November 10, 2010
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