During intercourse when one partner farts on the other. Especially when performing oral on someone in the doggy position, placing the givers nose near the anus.
While i was going down on jane, she gave me a tokyo sandblaster. Now my chin stinks.
by superbrent November 10, 2010
An Ancient Japanese Tradition:

When having intercourse on the beach, coating your penis in a thick layer of sand and thrusting into either the vaginal canal or anus until the sand rubs off. When the vagina and/or anus are full, the woman either farts or queefs out the sand creating a dusty discharge. The partners then strike a gong and bow in respect.
In his many stories from the South Pacific, my grandfather recalls partaking in the rich tradition of the Tokyo Sandblaster with several malnourished prostitutes.
by Tomlor November 09, 2010
You don't wanna know. Conan may or may not have done one at some point.
Dude, I just did a Tokyo Sandblaster" "Is that safe?" "I don't even know...
by BlinksTale November 09, 2010
A sexual position where a woman, dressed as a geisha; or a man dressed as a sumo wrestler fills their ass with fine grain sand and water with an enema bottle and then fart blasts it out all over the other persons face while yelling "BONSAI!".
I wanted a Tokyo Sandblaster at the whore house, but they said it would cost an extra $100 just to truck in the white sand they use from the Caribbean.
by JohnnyParanoid November 09, 2010
On the beaches of Tokyo, a woman in reverse cowgirl position passes gas, spraying sand all over the man's face.
Man: Lets go have sex on the beach, I want to see you reverse cowgirl me.

Woman: ...Ok!

-midway through she lets out a huge fart-

Man: -cough- -cough- Delicious. Lets call that one a Tokyo Sandblaster.
by GrumpyGuru November 12, 2010
1. While having sex on the beach with an Asian girl, you cover your penis with sand and proceed to have intercourse.

2. While having sex with an Asian girl on the beach, you come on her face and then throw a handful of sand in her face.
Tokyo sandblaster = sandblaster with an Asian girl.
by utep November 09, 2010
When you fart on your parteners chest and particles of fecile matter fly out at such a rate they could strip paint.
The power was out and Derrick had to finish stripping the cabinets. Luckily he remebered to pull the old Tokyo Sandblaster out and get ther job done.
by Sokyo November 09, 2010
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