a term used on the November 9, 2010 show, Conan. It is a reference to a sexual act. Conan O'Brien was asking the TBS censor assigned to his show if certain terms were appropriate, one in was "Tokyo Sandblaster"

There is a lot of speculation to what the term refers to exactly, but it's likely to deal with an Asian person (stemming from Tokyo) and sandblaster indicates the use of sand in a sexual manner.
Have you ever tried the old Tokyo Sandblaster?
by udx01z November 10, 2010
an ambiguous, but certainly very, very dirty sex act, that cannot be described, performed, viewed, and/or otherwise censored, yet elicits the same kind of junior high response of other more obvious, more commonly known, certainly very, very dirty sex acts.

Origin: Conan 11/09/10. TBS.
Joe: I walked in the kitchen and they were doing the Tokyo Sandblaster.

Bill: What's a Tokyo Sandblaster?

Joe: certainly it is a very, very dirty sex act of which we are not aware, but amused in a way I haven't felt since....since.....junior high!
by evilmaster69 November 09, 2010
n. When a man ejaculates into his partners eyes and then throws sand in his partner's face.
I was with a girl last night and totally gave her a tokyo sandblaster, she was squinting for hours!
by TheTauTank November 09, 2010
after a person fills their mouth full of rice and then forcefully spits it at another person's clitoris
After lubing that bitch up with some Kikkoman, I gave her the Tokyo sandblaster.
by Mrs. GC November 09, 2010
A fad created and perfected by Conan O'Brien, intended for those who are similarly pale and red-haired. It involves the said ginger spending months growing out facial hair. When he finally meets someone shameless enough to have intercourse with, he shaves his beard and collects the trimmings. Finally, he climaxes in the said shameless one's eyes, causing a squinting similar to an Asian's eyes. Finally, he blows the beard trimmings into her eyes where they stick to his feeble residue, causing a scratching and burning sensation in her eyes, much like being sandblasted.
If Conan lasts longer than a week on TBS, he has agreed to give Andy Richter the Tokyo Sandblaster on Monday, November 15.
by PizzaButt TacoSmell November 09, 2010
A slang term for a sexual act involving at least three men, and one female, wherein all the men ejaculate onto a woman's face (typically aiming for the eyes) at the same time. In certain regions, the act must occur while riding in a subway car with at least one other passenger.

The origin of the phrase is uncertain, and again depends on the region. In Japan, and surrounding areas, the term Tokyo comes from the use of the subway system as a venue for the sexual act. Outside of Asia, the term "Tokyo" is alleged to have originated from the way a girl will squint (making er look Japanese) in anticipation of ejaculation.
That girl is a skank; I heard she let half the frat drop a Tokyo Sandblaster on her.

alt. Me, Chang, and Raichu took Misty-Wei down to the Hedeki Station, made her pay for our fare, and then pulled a Tokyo Sandblaster on her.
by Joe Strummer's Ghost November 09, 2010
Exotic sex position where the man pours masses of sand in a girls vagina before fucking her.
Charles, "Dude, i tokyo sand blasted that bitch so hard last night!"
Dan, "Sweet, the tokyo sand blaster never fails."
by sicksicky445 February 21, 2011

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