The act of breaking wind in a sleeping roommate's face so hard that pieces of poo fly all over them. Tokyo sandblasting works best after eating Mexican food.
What is that on Steve's face?

Oh, those little brown specks? I gave him a Tokyo Sandblaster last night.
by G-Monster32 November 09, 2010
While engaging in sexual intercourse with a female on a beach, cover your partners face in ejaculate and then shove said partners face into the sand promptly thereafter. The result is your partners face being covered in a sandy, epoxy-like mix.
- "Tom, how was your honeymoon in Aruba?"

- "It was fantastic. Nothing says "I love you" quite like a Tokyo Sandblaster".
by Sir Rumpleforeskin November 09, 2010
When two sexual partners have intercourse after fully shaving their pubic hair about three days prior. Their genitalia resembles two pieces of sandpaper rubbing against each other and the resulting rash is bright red like the Tokyo flag.
Whoa dude, I just found out Andy Richter banged my girlfriend last night! I hope he enjoyed the Tokyo Sandblaster. Asshole.
by B*Long (that's my rap name) November 09, 2010
When a red haired man styles his pubic hair into a pompadour, shaves his testicles to the form of a beard, and proceeds to have intercourse with a overweight lady's belly button.
Dude, last night I busted the tokyo sandblaster on that fat bitch Cindy!
by FudgePackah November 09, 2010
The sexual act of ejaculating on anothers face and then smashing their face down into the stupid Zen garden that they keep on their night stand.

Tokyo Sandblaster.
She Feng Shui'd my apartment without asking, so I got revenge by giving her the ole Tokyo Sandblaster.
by vaporbrains November 09, 2010
Sneezing in an asian woman's asshole.
we were sixty-nining when my allergies kicked in, so it was Tokyo Sandblaster
by Blaster Master November 09, 2010
a term used on the November 9, 2010 show, Conan. It is a reference to a sexual act. Conan O'Brien was asking the TBS censor assigned to his show if certain terms were appropriate, one in was "Tokyo Sandblaster"

There is a lot of speculation to what the term refers to exactly, but it's likely to deal with an Asian person (stemming from Tokyo) and sandblaster indicates the use of sand in a sexual manner.
Have you ever tried the old Tokyo Sandblaster?
by udx01z November 10, 2010

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