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capital of japan.
everything about the city is modern, from the buildings, fashion, people, even food.

this is where many Japanese want to end up living in.
if asia were a country, tokyo could be the capital city of the whole place.
by 5150 August 01, 2004
The largest city in Japan. Regarded as the most diverse and Liberal of Japan. INC as capital of Japan in the Mid nineteenth century.
OK city, to big and sprawling for my liking. Coming from a city of 600,000. I think Osaka is a better city even though it is industrial. Osaka is less prentious, has better food, less complicated transport system. Lets go to Osaka EH!
by RWMW July 17, 2005
a city in Japan
it's also called of the city of sex video
and of the highest self killing rate.
It is because of Japanese's nature.
As their territory is in islands, japaneses are dirty and have no hair around penis
A: Do you know the sex city?
B: Yeah, Japan?
A: Tight. I got a new video fron tokyo.
B: Oh, come on. It's too sensual
by Bryant.K February 07, 2007