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Yo wassup, I'm a tokoro. (Read: I'm a giant faggot, please rape my face)
by Trolololololo September 14, 2010
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One who has rallied behind Robo Tokoro, an eccentric online personality whose love of the video game Earthbound has no limit. The Tokoros first came about in Gaia Online's Gaming Discussion forum and have since coalesced into a close and organized group.

"Tokoro" is not synonymous with "troll" and the group was not founded upon the intentions of trolling. Some Tokoros have been mistaken as being trolls, however.

edit: wow, what a tool I was for caring so much about online cliques and being their PR. I just got linked to this years after the fact and think I'm going to just leave it here as a reminder of my cringeworthy early internet years.
... Actually, that's probably an appropriate definition: one who delights in being in an online clique. Also, the word just means "place" in Japanese but I digress. If any of those guys are reading this, I wish them the best.
Don't mess with the Tokoros; they rule the forum with an iron fist.
by o2nqv1wp April 02, 2015
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