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Derived from the Tongan word 'tokoua' which means 'sibling', 'toko' is Tongan slang, meaning - a close acquaintance.

Often shortened to 'toks' and/or 'dox' by kids who live outside of Tonga.
Hey toko, what are you up to?" "Nothing, toks. What's in your lunchbox?
by HekaDonkey November 08, 2010
A pairing in the series Avatar: the Last Airbender which pairs the two main characters, Toph and Zuko.
I think Toko will happen because they have soo much in common when it comes to their parents.
by Suppish January 06, 2008
small furry animal whose habitat can be found in the marshlands of East Korea-Chile and rides a motorcyle. It speaks Spanish/Korean and eats free birds.Loves blonde grs or cheeks.
Toko is a horny bastard who is currently located in the Santa Barbara zoo
by Jenae Hodges February 28, 2007
Used amongst tongan men.
Meaning brother or friend.
Sup (toko) should we get on the piss...
by strizzboog February 04, 2016
A small female animal who seems shy. When you get to know her you find out that she is in fact a vicious, harmful and perhaps even poisonous being.
You seem like a sweet person, but in fact you are a Toko.
by Agent Apl December 14, 2010
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