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A white guy in a group of minorities. He is there because he is always the one to talk to the police officer if there is a problem. He will also most likely be the sexiest out of the entire group and help his friends of a different race get hot girls (or bitches). All the minorities know this but they will still make fun of the white guy anyway just to raise their own self esteem.
A bunch of black people and only one token white guy
by SEXY EDDIE July 08, 2006
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The rarely seen Caucasian male that seldom given a chance to enter a professional basketball game in an attempt to mislead the public into thinking that white people can compete on the same level as the African American male species.
We're up by 70 points with 2 minutes left, let's let the token white guy get some action.
by Sir Honest 2K November 22, 2013
This is the one white guy that hangs out with minorities in order to easily score pot or other substances. Usually the alpha male of the group he scores the most girls. An example of an interaction between the token white guy and a friend is as follows

Black Friend : OK ill see u tomorrow dawg! (Goes to give dap)
Token: Ok, (gives dap, walks away)
Token: I fucking hate these people! If i wasnt getting so much weed and minority pussy I'd snuff all these assoles!
Token White Guy Cosby Show
by ClearZ June 26, 2010

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