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A male's taint....the area between the nutsack and the asshole
she licked my toint after I licked her taint.....bootylicious !
by Tointer January 05, 2010
Can be used to talk about a "turn point" If someone has a turn next, they have a toint. Toints can be given out by someone in charge. Mainly used in sexual references.
Rob gave Heather a toint after she gave him head.

Andrew said something really stupid, so he lost a toint. Now he won't get his turn. =(
by Rüttabega October 24, 2007
What you recieve for saying something stupid. Originally people say point but toint can be used instead. Said with much exaggeration or emphasis when something very dumb is said.
"So you ain't gonna go to that party tonite?"


"If you go you ain't gonna pull no chicks!"

by Tha 1ne July 16, 2005
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