Any horrible instance where you have to choose between sitting on the toilet to urinate and/or defecate or vomiting.
While having the flu, Nancy was often victim of toilet roulette.
by masonthekiller April 17, 2011
A game that you many times are forced to play when visiting certain institutions and public places.

Takes place whenever you're in the need of toilet facilities and are
a) entering a booth or
b) raising a toilet seat cover.

You loose in toilet-roulette if the toilet is blocked and full of yuk.

The chances for loosing in toilet-roulette are usually lower in the morning, and increases for every opening hour. In extreme cases the odds for loosing are above 9/10.
A: Hey girl. You'll keep the table for us, while I'm getting some lunch?
B: Agh. Fuck it. You can have my lunch bag. I was suppose to take a quick wee before I met you, but lost toilet-roulette 7 times, and now I'm too disgraced to eat my lunch.

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