noun: meaning someone who is asian

derived from the word katoey which is a bloke converted to a woman from Thailand.

Originated from the working class suburbs of Melbourne, Australia
Gees, the person driving this Toyota is taking ages to park his car. Odds are he is a toight.
by Smitty__ October 16, 2006
Top Definition
Adjective popularised by eponymous gold obsessed Dutch megalomaniac in the film Goldmember, meaning either:

1. firm, lean and muscular, or

in the broader sense of the word,

2. good and enjoyable.
1. "Yesh. You have a toight body. You are toight, like a toiger".
2. "I'll meet you at the pub in half an hour. I'll bring some supermodels and beer vouchers."
"That is very toight."
The state of being firm and muscular, especially in the midriff region.
She should pull her shirt down, her flabby stomach is not very toight.
by Rachel Schneider February 25, 2006
A word said in a South African accent to mean fantastic or great when refering to a part of a lady's body.

Prenounced 'Toy-T'
"Man did you see that chick, she's got a toight ass"
by Luke L December 19, 2006
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