Where to sexually arouse someone, the partner grabs a persons toes and sucks on them
-Hey Tennyz, can I give you a toejob
-Yeah whatever... oooooh that tickles and sexually arouses me at the same time
by Ech November 23, 2005
Top Definition
Toejob, just like a footjob, means that a girl uses her toes and/or toenails to jack off or tickle a man's dick, for sexual fun and pleasure.
Beverly has sexy red toenails after trimming and painting them. She gave me the best toejob - by using both of her feet, using her first and second toes to softly caressing and pinching my dick. She also dig her toenails on every part of my dick and balls. Oh... that girl is so hot! I love her for that.
by ToemanXtreme November 28, 2006
Sucking another's toes for mutual sexual pleasure
John sucked Mary's toes as he fucked her
by grrrr June 23, 2003
When a female puts her toes around your dick and proceeds to give you a hand job with her foot. Usually liked by men with foot fetishes.
''Man, Suzy gave me the best toe job last night.''

''That is no surprise she has nice feet''
by poopinyomouthgirl October 21, 2012
when a lesbian makes another lesbian cum by using her toes on the second bitch's clit
I gave my woman a toe job last night.
by owl1958 October 27, 2007
when a girl fucks a guy with her camle toe only.
she slid her pussy lips on my cock til' I blew!
by right-o February 05, 2005
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