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A toben is a haircut one can choose in the game of Maple Story. Having a toben in real life would mean you have an ugly bowl-type haircut where it seems you have been wearing a toque for a long duration of time. Having a toben can lead to being made fun of, being called ugly, etc.
Mehad: Dude, that guy's hair is so weird.. what is that?
Usman: It's a toben, I feel sorry for him.
by Diabba September 07, 2011
he's funny, sweet, fun and of the people id most like to know better
by k October 09, 2003
A toben is someone born into a family of rich perverts. They usually have NO friends what so ever, and they think they are cool because they have nice cars.
Did you hear about the new Toben @ cfs? I heard he's a real Douche unlike his brother!
by Schopler, S June 21, 2005
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