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The |33test & most badasstic, dick-swingin'est ninja ever to work your tired-ass granny over on a courtesy drive-by. w¾rd. The People's Frank Stallone™.
If I had a uterus, Toad would be it's proprietor.
by Komodo August 29, 2003
22 8
Person who likes one or more of the following - Hitler, dead babies, monkey rape, fat peoples gaping cunts and moving to England from America.
We all wub teh Toadwarrior!!!!!!!
by Him who will be bant May 31, 2003
25 5
Smart, funnay and hung like a elephant.
I wanna be ToadWarrior when I grow up.
by 14/F/Cali May 30, 2003
12 4
The coolest person ever.
That ToadWarrior was one bad ass mofo. I'd sleep with him!
by Frank Stallone May 30, 2003
8 2