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To disappear from a drinking event without anyone noticing, and then return to home.

The behavior is sometimes a response to shame from not being able to hang with the big boys and girls.

In some instances the behavior is the result of such a drunken level of stupor that the individual turns on his or her Lassie instincts and finds his or her way home like a K9.
To Squirrel

Mike: Where the fuck did Amir go?
General Consensus: I have no idea!
Mike: Damn it! Amir squirreled again!
by dunns135 February 27, 2009
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To act shifty, shady; to act like a squirrel; to be mischievous in one's actions. Similar to someone's actions if they resemble a squirrel narrowly avoiding being run over by a car (jump in the air, twisting, full body evasion).
"He squirrelled his way into our board game night!"
"She was acting squirrely the other night"

"To squirrel or not to squirrel out of this event, that is the question."
by SquirrelTalk December 21, 2016
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