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To comet a person (i.e. do the comet) means to fart in an isolated area but still near enough to people where you can walk amongst them and the tail end (or comet part of your fart) either still resonates or is still strong enough that they smell it, but the fact that it was you remains hidden because you did not pass wind directly in front of them; allowing you to deny it. The fact that it dissipates quickly also allows you to deny it since most farts stay in the area for a time. This technique should only be used someone you don't like.
"Yesterday I saw this guy who gave me some shit last week so I decided to comet him and he had no idea. You should have seen the look on his face as he tried to figure out where the smell came from!"

"Sometimes I comet a random bunch of people as I'm walking through the hall to my next class".
by mfjplat18k November 03, 2010
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