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Unknown origin, used in Finland for something good, for example in a HOT/NOT list, the HOT may be replaced with a "tjeu". Probable swedish origin?
Tjeu : Sunglasses, the sea and Mountain Dew.
by Apothecary April 21, 2004
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Concept invented by Finnish magazine called "City", means its something worth to check. It means "Tsekkaa jos et usko" In Finnish, roughly translated "Check it out, if you don't believe".
Fear Factory - Archetype
TJEU: Slave Labor, Cyberwaste,Archetype
by ahjteam August 21, 2005
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Tjeu - Tuh-jew - noun - A slang term describing a ‘crush’ or attraction from a female to either a celebrity icon, media figure, or character from a book or television program who is male. (Plural: tjeued)
Maria tjeued Orlando Bloom from “Pirates of the Carribean.”
by Lakada September 24, 2006
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