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Someone who spazzes over a girly or girl-like subject, such as fashion or boys. Girlspazzing can occur in boys, but is mainly referring to girls. See fangirl.
Girl 1: Ohmehgawd, you have science second period, right?
Girl 2: Yeah, why?
Girl 1: That superhot guy Ben is in that class, he's so cute!
Girl 2: Girl, please. Stop girlspazzing and get over that jerk.
by Lakada March 06, 2007
Tjeu - Tuh-jew - noun - A slang term describing a ‘crush’ or attraction from a female to either a celebrity icon, media figure, or character from a book or television program who is male. (Plural: tjeued)
Maria tjeued Orlando Bloom from “Pirates of the Carribean.”
by Lakada September 24, 2006

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