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One of the top video gamers among the internet. Known as the player Brandon, who has experianced among the top of every game he has played.

1) Diablo 2 : He was known as the character Tized, the first Character to reach level 97, which is still the highest character to date. A paladain which it was, never to be killed in any state of pvp. Tized, known as Xero, and many other names. Will be a memory for the top players everywhere.

2) Starcraft : The first person to beat Memoryz., LoVeRiCe, and Florencio and win the first official Starcraft Dream Tournament, which is still held today.

3) GunZ The Duel : An amazing player, one of the top team players. Member of the clan "Curse", who have been the top clan since the game opened BETA. Tized, toktok, Screwy, and heybabyY are still undefeated together as a team. Now that they have been broken up, their strategic game play and skill will remain forever upon the hearts of the GunZ The Duel community.
I never seen someone faceshot like Tized.

Nobody can macro, mass, or micro better than Tized.

Tized aerial K-STYLE is among the gods.
by Brandon Domenis December 03, 2006
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