a person with small boobs and has very large tits
Hey look at her, she's obviously cold because she's tit-tastic
by Devin McCabe May 04, 2008
Top Definition
Something truly amazing.
Amanda, that blowjob was really tittastic.
by Mark March 22, 2005
Decirbes a person or thing that is boob centric or exposes excessive cleavage.
The shirt I wore yesterday was tittastic.
by minepseudonym November 16, 2011
Something is correct or emphasized.

Wow Jim, that answer was Tit-Tastic
by Mike Bill July 10, 2008
Refers to woman who has downright fantastic titties ,and tends to show a lot of cleavage.
" Fuck brother that dane is Tittastic"
by Webster'sDick November 02, 2015
Fantastic tits. Massive boobs
Her tits are Tittastic!!!
by Mr Wanderson February 08, 2015
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