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a precise method of adding base to acid (or the inverse)so that one may accurately determine how much of one it takes to neutralize the other.
I didn't know the molarity of this acid, but I sure as hell knew the volume of acid, and the molarity of the base. So, naturally I titrated the acid with the base to find out what volume of base was needed to neutralize the acid, and then figured out the number of moles of acid involved, with the AMaVa = BMbVb formula. I divided this number by the volume of acid, which gave me the acid's molarity. That particular proccess involving titration is called "standardization."
by James Hoover January 25, 2008
Prenetration of the females mammary glands (also Titration (aka titrimetry)1 is a common laboratory method of quantitative chemical analysis that is used to determine the unknown concentration of a known reactant)
by Hi-Sun and Stoned-Lion March 17, 2011
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