Tito is a cute boy and he gets cuteass hoes. He litt and awsome and he needs to be respected because he the boss. Tito is cool and he is always going to be everyones fav boy
Defined : tito is so cute i want to cuddle with him.
by Lalalalcoolboy March 18, 2017
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Police officer. Mainly used in Mexican Slang.
Marcos says he want's to be a tito when he grows up.
by Sckarr October 10, 2006
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One prone to being made fun of
"Wow, I almost pitty the tito. Sadly, its just almost."
by keep.the.smile:) July 16, 2009
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The act of having intercourse with a relative
I was just talking to my cousin, I'm trying to trick her into a little tito!
by Metformin September 14, 2016
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