a tagalog word for uncle
this is my Tito Jose, the brother of my father
by macean February 12, 2012
a person who will break your heart over and over untill you cant love any more then after go and be a little simp just to get you back to do it again
hes being a little tito and im tired of it
by suckah for love October 21, 2009
A large, overweight Hawaiian man, who sits on the park bench playing his ukelele and is nice to everybody.
"Hey man, wanna go see Tito today? I'm feeling down, and I could really use a lift. I'll bring my guitar."
by TBA Tommorow July 10, 2008
TITO: acronym for "Turtle In, Turtle Out", which is when your poop comes out a little bit, but then goes back in.
I had to go poop really bad, but couldn't find a bathroom, and had a couple TITO's while driving around looking for a bathroom.
by MyRealNameisBob August 22, 2009
One prone to being made fun of
"Wow, I almost pitty the tito. Sadly, its just almost."
by keep.the.smile:) July 16, 2009
Gay little chubb brother.
I can't believe Autumn think Tito is cute...he's super chubby. lol.
by Icecream21 July 10, 2008
To beat the crap out of an old man 4 times in a row.
He was just feeding the ducks why did you "Tito" that old man!
by Dankman October 10, 2006

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