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A user of filesharing programs (ie. KaZaA, Limewire, etc.) who takes joy in changing the titles of files, mostly videos, in order to trick other users into downloading the wrong thing. Looking forward to watching your newly-acquired copy of Team America: World Police which took you a whole night to download? Surprise! This joker actually made you get Catwoman instead! Surprise again! That copy of "Teen Sluts Take it Hard 5" is actually a German scheiße flick.

Title swappers are often obscured by anonymity, which makes them near impossible to track down or avoid. Nobody knows why they're willing to let other people suck up their bandwidth just for a laugh, but heed this lesson, and heed it well: always check the FILENAME, not the title, as many of them are too lazy to change that as well.
"Hey man, can you send me your copy of Spiderman 2?"
"Sure, if you want to watch Superbabies instead..."
by RealGTX April 08, 2005
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