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A person who you can always count on to do the most retarded actions imagineable. Can often be confused with a turd furgeson
Great job you tithead, you just pee'd out my bedroom window and ripped down my curtain.
by HumBabe March 06, 2005
English police men who wear helmets that look like big tits!
by foddr April 23, 2003
English derogatory term for Police Constable. Derived from the shape of the standard issue bobby's helmet. That's 'helmet' as in hat.
Put yer chopper away. There's a tithead comin' round the corner.
by titwanker July 30, 2003
Someone that is very ignorant and does not care about others
Stop being such a tit head and just listen to the man!
by richie irwine November 17, 2011
Some one who is extremely annoying and repulsive and has a face that is the shape of a tit.
"That Dwain is such a tit head, jus like mccranny"
by rhys 'eric' harrison July 19, 2006
some body not very well liked
that "insert name" is such a fucking tithead!
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
a total loser that has no control over anything
"that tony blair's a real tit head"
by stuart duncan March 25, 2005
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