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A small person. Titches is the plural for titch. From the Louise Rennison books, Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. Vair vair amusant.
The titches were hopping in their titchy way.
by Darling Darling November 30, 2011
5 0
1. small amount ("i'll have a titch of tea")
2. tut-tut ("titch- you didn't do your hw")
by lauren September 02, 2003
221 67
little annoying person. especially a girl. Tiny + Bitch = Titch
that short chick talks alot of shit, shes such a titch.
by about-blank September 07, 2006
170 105
(noun): A small person.
similar to "titchy": a little bit.
Hello titch.
"Want some sugar?" "Yes, just a titchy bit"
by Loucke January 31, 2005
115 59
Someone who is cute and shorter than the person calling them titch

Comeths from the nickname titch to this girl that was given to her at a residential
Omg that guy is so titch

hey titch, pass my socks
by nisha October 23, 2004
72 43
Small, tiny. Can describe emotions, objects or concepts.
1.Wow, that mouse is titch compared to my ego.

2. 3 minutes? thats a titch amount of time....

3. I have a titch self-asteem.
by maxis August 07, 2005
56 36
term used to describe the greatest and the worst situations. user may have to specify whether it is the good kind or bad kind of "titches."
Having a big ole 311 lesbian pregame with robin's tatties all filled up is the titches... the good kind.

The summer ending and leaving all my bitches is the titches... the bad kind.
by snemisis November 20, 2011
4 4