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Exclamation. Biscuits, made out of tits. Can be used to replace the word "fuck," "shit," "goddamn," "motherfucker," or any number of phrases. An extremely versatile word, it can be accurately said in any situation.
A) "Holy titbiscuits!"
B) "Julie's got some big titbiscuits!."
C) "You are such a titbiscuit."
D) "Titbiscuits! You are such a fag!"
by Squidosaur, Master of the Seas December 22, 2010
Tit Biscuit refers to an individual that is acting completely and utterly ignorant and making a tit out of themselves. The biscuit portion is a comparison of them being as dense as an over cooked biscuit.
"I was in the grocery store the other day and I so this fucking tit biscuit walking around with the whole hand basket rack wheeling behind him!"
by Genjio August 17, 2015

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