Japanese slang word for comedy.
You are tiso, you make me laugh.
by Corey July 11, 2004
abbr. (Tedious Intellectual Show-Off)

BRIT. informal derogatory
1. A person who demonstrates open-mindedness yet demonizes those they disagree with, often highlighting a high level of intolerance and lack of imagination themselves

2. Somebody whose outlook on life is easily influenced by the views held by celebrities of popular culture, of which the zeitgeist perceive as intellectually superior

3. A person with an over reliance on one source of media to base arguments against another source of media
1. "He thinks just because he reads The Guardian, he's so much more enlightened than those that don't. But reality, he has no idea of how the real world works - fucking TISO!"
by Orbiter Lover November 27, 2013

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