Different models; such as, Tippmann Custom, Tippmann Custom Pro, Tippmann A-5, Tippmann X7, so overral its a kick ass company and gun. Also did I mention it kicks Spyders asses??
I have a tippmann Custom Pro
by Willdabest guitar player September 04, 2008
Top Definition
Tippmann is a paintball company known for their rugged, reliable, and practically indestructable products. Tippmann markers are far from the best out there, but the Tippmann 98C is by far the best marker for beginners.
The 98C could best be described as the AK-47 of paintball: popular, reliable, and inexpensive
"Tippmann markers rule!"
"Should I get a Tippmann or a Spyder?"
by Hail to the Chief March 13, 2005
Beats the hell out of spiders
Dude your tippmann made my spider shit itself
by PaintballMaster July 10, 2003
Good paintball markers.
Tippmanns hurt like a bitch.
by cartman5000 August 09, 2004
best fricking paintball company made
i have a tippmann A-5
by ivan May 06, 2003
Best Markers around
some Bitch:Hey Ray Ur gun is all BUNK 98cs suck
Ray: Ya only when they are stock Check out the way i Tweaked it out.
Some Bitch: BUTTER dude, thats all Hott
Ray: ya i know
by Rayness June 15, 2003
A cheap and reliable company that produces the 2 popular 98 and 98 Custom along with the higher end A-5. However, they are FAR from the best guns out there and next to my Ion or DMC, are shit.
That Spyder noob I bunkered doesn't even have a pod.
by Aries7777 May 26, 2005
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