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A phrase equivalent to "Oh my God!!!", but with more emotion.

Assosciated with the Hindenburg disaster, Herb Morrison, a reporter for WLS Radio in Chicago, who was covering the event live, cried out the now famous words, "Oh, the Humanity!" as he watched the airship burst into flames.
"It's burst into flames!
Get out of the way! please! Oh my, this is terrible... Oh, the humanity! ... and all the passengers!"
by Humphro April 04, 2005
A new language that looks and sounds just like English, but is actually lies and propaganda spewed forth by big corporations that just want people to be good consumers and give them their money.

Often accompanied by Legalesein barely readable fine print, or spoken rapidly.

Should you send a complaint to a big corporation, you can expect to be handed back a sheet of paper with corporate bullshit on it.
"Reebok cares about young athletes, our products are designed to help you achieve your goals."

"We at microsoft are always working to ensure that users get the most from their computers"
by Humphro April 03, 2005
Also "Plinking about" Non-serious, fun shooting at targets, often tin cans.

Most commonly with air pistols/rifles and other low-power weapons.
"I use my Webbley pistol for plinking about in my yard"
"Spitfire pellets are good plinkers"
by Humphro October 09, 2004
The process of masturbation that involves inserting ones own penis in ones own anus.

It is often used in the same way as the word 'wank', to say that something is bad.
"Music these days is absolute arsewank"
by Humphro March 25, 2004
A suicide bomber from the middle east, or south asia.
"Oh shit, backpakis!"
"Argh, I perish!"
by Humphro October 12, 2005
1. A waste of 30 seconds of your life.

2. A completely uninteresting piece of news.

3. Coporate Bullshit.

Comes from deviantart, where notices known as "hot topics" are labelled as "H" in your messages. They're almost always completely uninteresting, lame promotions, and a total waste of time.
"You dragged me out here for this? Dude, you 1H'ed me!"

"Chechnya went 1H after a few years"

"Why is it that whenever I send a letter of complaint to some company, I get a load of 1H back?"
by Humphro April 03, 2005
A Japanese Anime that focuses on a rather cliche love triangle and is contains massive plotholes throughout.

Terrible, though highly entertaining comedy.

Men tend to be rather shy about admitting to liking it.
"Love Hina? I.... Er... I don't know what that is, sorry.
...Hey, look over there!!"

"I wish I worked in a girl's dormitory."
by Humphro April 03, 2005

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