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The classier cousin of the dine and dash. Instead of eating at a restaurant and bailing without paying, a person (people) will eat at a restaurant, tip the waitress and then dip (bail), without paying the tab.

Started by Daniel Simmons of Colorado July 09
"I don't feel like spending much money, let's just dine and dash".

"You cheap bastard. Let's tip and dip".

"You're right, that's classy".
by DANIELOFSPARTA July 23, 2009
Refers to the practice of tipping a server in a restaurant, then proceeding to leave without paying for the meal.

Similar to the Dine and Dash, except it serves as an act of gratitude and respect to your server, despite remaining equally discourteous to the restaurant. Typically leaves waiter or waitress confused, disappointed, and with a slight sense of accomplishment.
"Alright, you ready to head out? I'll ask for the bill."

"Fuck that. Let's dine and dash. The food was shit."

"Our waitress was pretty nice though, pretty hot too."

"Yeah, you're right. Tip and Dip?"

"Tip and Dip."
by Bayaz October 19, 2013
When you only stick the tip in during intercourse and leave before you splooge.
I did my first Tip and Dip on Becky last night.
by Anal Beverage June 07, 2016
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