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A small town in Illinois that many teenage boys seem to mistake for the ghetto despite the fact it was named "best place to raise your kids".
Guy 1: Hey, did you see that guy over there?
Guy 2: I don't think he gets that Tinley Park isn't the ghetto...
by Tabitha Watson April 01, 2011
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Shit neighborhood in the south side suburbs of Chicago surrounded by Country Club Hills, Orland Hills, Orland Park. Divided by class, the rich live more south (183rd, 171st) where as the poor lives in sub divisions such as 167th & 80th, 175th & Harlem, 167th & 94th, 161st & 88th, 159th st and a bunch more small places. 10 years ago this place was beautiful, and on the outside it still sort of is. Now its all Arab, mexican, black and white trash. 2008 was the best place to raise ur kid. Just since summer 2013 there have been multiple gang shootings (183rd &oak park) (167th & oak park) and don't get me started on section 8. Just another south suburb of chicago.
Tinley Park, Coke Forest, Markahm, CCH will all be ran down to shit in less than 10 years.
by BI Don Dada December 28, 2013
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