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Similar to a dingleberry, it is the small drop of urine that accumulates at the tip of the penis after relieving one's self that cannot be shaken off.
Have you ever heard of the two-shake rule? Three shakes, and you probably have a tinkleberry.
by Sc@recr0w September 06, 2014
A man small in stature who is deceptively badass because he carries a large gun. Most likely works for the FBI or DEA and busts thugs for a living.
Those douchebags were giving us shit, but then my buddy went all Tinkleberry on their ass and they ran away like a bunch of pussies.
by T - Money April 26, 2008
The shreds of toilet paper that stick to a woman's pubic hairs after she wipes her vulva.
That toilet paper is so cheap! It gave me tons of tinkle berries.
by Emthe January 27, 2009
Droplets of pee that gets suck in ones pussy hair or in an animals fur.
That tinkleberrie is making my undies wet!
by Ashley January 25, 2005
The rolled up balls of tiolet paper that get stuck in your anal hair after wiping your ass with cheap toilet paper.
Boy do I need to shower to get all of those tinkleberries out of my hole.
by Michael June 01, 2004
noun, a euphemism for tiny jello shots that calls attention to their resemblance to berries, as well as alcohol's relative inefficacy as a drug
Dude, Jonah downed one tinkleberry too many, and he's been in the bathroom all night!
by Elaine&Lucy September 01, 2009
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