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1. When one man steals his good friend's girlfriend during a period when the couple is fighting. v., to Tinch
2. To steal or rob from a good friend. v., to Tinch
3. To screw a good friend over royally. v., to Tinch
"I can't believe he totally Tinched me last week after I started fighting with my girlfriend."
"Dude, don't Tinch me like that."
by LakeMinnetonka19 March 06, 2008
Cross between a tad and a pinch when referring to alcohol.
"Would you like some more wine?"
"I have to get up early, just a tinch!"
by Rumpspanker November 21, 2009
A small amount of something.
Give me a tinch of booze please.
by Josh February 09, 2005
Half of an inch.
The football was spotted a tinch short of the first down marker, so the Wolverines had no problem converting the fourth down.
by Tinchdefinition October 25, 2011
A "tiny inch", a small movement
I only moved a tinch in that damn traffic!
by hotmess27 August 25, 2009
To steal all the Diet Coke from the refridgerator at a specific Technology Education provider, and deny it!
Who tinched all the soda, God Damn Tincher!
by JBoogey1216 July 21, 2008

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