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Used as another word for domestic violence
"My man puled a Tina Turner on me last night.Now I have to use foundation to cover up my bruises.
by Glenn Griffiths August 07, 2006
A term for a user of crystal meth, a.k.a. "TINA", whose personality does a complete and drastic change and/or "TURN" for the worst. This resulting from either being up for at least 4 days or immediately after injecting "Tina" intravenously, aka "slamming".
"GUUUUUUUUURL!!! Did you see Chad after he slammed last night? What a hot mess. TOTAL "TINA TURNER". He totally ruined the sex party.
by One Funny Bastid November 29, 2014
A Verb meaning to beat down. Tina Turner was a famous singer that had an abusive Husband Ike Turner. This is usually used as a means of trash talking your opponent while playing Video games when you melee attack them
I am going to Tina Turner your ass. I Just Tina Turnered your ass down to the ground bitch.
by Rusty Cuntford December 03, 2007
A lesbian turning a straight girl into a lesbian with her charm, wit, good looks, etc.
"I'm going to Tina Turner."
"She kissed me last night, I recon I Tina Turnerd her"
"Man! I would die to Tina Turner Katniss!"
Tina Turner's is another way to say chaffing. As everyone knows when you legs rub together and cause chaffing you can not walk normally so you end up looking like your dancing like Tina Turner when you walk. With your legs spread apart so they dont touch an cause you more pain.
"Why are you walking like that mate?"
"I got Tina Turner's "
by LaurenO-94 May 04, 2010
To give a blowjob, while you are defecating:to get a blowjob,while they are defecating.
"I just got a Tina Turner from your mom,She had tacos today."
by L A.:A.:L January 30, 2014
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